Leather Pants (Part I)

Leather pants have been one of my favorite statement pieces this fall and winter, and I’m not ready to stop wearing them yet! If at all possible I would rock these all year long, but I definitely would have some sort of heat stroke. I guess I’ll just have to settle for wearing them as much as […]

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Leather Pants (Part II)

Now, this is my version of ‘dressing up’ the leather pants. Throw on a blazer or coat and you’re ready for a night out. (P.S. How cute does Wallace look with this outfit? In love!) If you ever find yourself staring into your closet the same way you would stare into an abyss, don’t fret because […]

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Suede Skirt (Part I)

Suede, suede, suede. This cozy material is a must have for fall. I bought this suede skirt a while ago, and it’s made its rounds being borrowed by my friends and my sister. Let’s just say, it’s a huge hit. And I don’t blame them. It’s easy to create an outfit around, it’s flattering, and pair it with […]

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Suede Skirt (Part II)

Casual. That’s the one word I have the most trouble comprehending. My born and raised California friends are experts at dressing down. I physically shutter in my shoes when I hear them say “just wear something casual.” My wardrobe is everything but. Nevertheless, I’ve nailed my meaning of casual in this suede skirt 2nd option. A big bag is my […]

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Thigh High Boots (Part II)

Damn Lacie, back at it again with the thigh high boots. I want to wear these boots every day. They are show stoppers! Being SoCal based (where it’s sunny year round) won’t stop me from pretending it’s fall. If you’re lucky enough to actually be experiencing the changing of seasons where you live, you can easily pair this […]

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Thigh High Boots (Part I)

Thigh high boots are one of my favorite purchases recently. The glamour of them makes me feel like Beyonce. Okay… Maybe not quite like Beyonce, but as close as an average girl can get. I loved the idea of wearing them more casually and not just with a dress or skirt (as I often do). Black denim is […]

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