Date Night 

Now that’s class (lol)! I’m unbelievably in love with this dress. Obviously, dressing up is one of my favorite pass times, but this particular look is one of my favorites. When I was younger, I dreamt that I would be able to wear outfits like this to work every day and I still do. It […]

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I’m back!!! I’m sorry I had to take a little hiatus away from the blog. My sister came into town for my birthday in Vegas. We had an absolute blast (watch for Vegas Photo Diary), but I wanted to spend quality time with her. Midterms also got a little crazy. However, I’m so excited to be back […]

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Comfy Chic

Some days comfort is key. In all honesty, that’s most days for me. However, I try my best to avoid my natural southern instinct of wearing nike shorts and an oversized t-shirt. I love a look that doesn’t necessarily scream she just rolled out of bed, but one that feels like pajamas to me (and that’s all […]

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Thigh high boots and a skirt are the official uniform for fall this year. Like most of the “basics,” I often gravitate towards this look. It’s chic, versatile, and give me killer confidence. How could you not feel like a million bucks in these boots? I’m in love with this color scheme. I often gravitate […]

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Suede Skirt (Part I)

Suede, suede, suede. This cozy material is a must have for fall. I bought this suede skirt a while ago, and it’s made its rounds being borrowed by my friends and my sister. Let’s just say, it’s a huge hit. And I don’t blame them. It’s easy to create an outfit around, it’s flattering, and pair it with […]

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Suede Skirt (Part II)

Casual. That’s the one word I have the most trouble comprehending. My born and raised California friends are experts at dressing down. I physically shutter in my shoes when I hear them say “just wear something casual.” My wardrobe is everything but. Nevertheless, I’ve nailed my meaning of casual in this suede skirt 2nd option. A big bag is my […]

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Edgy Glam

Fall is finally in the air! Okay, maybe just in the mornings in San Diego, but still excited. Bring on the pumpkin patch photos, the comfort food, and my personal favorite beanies. Hats are an underrated accessory in my opinion. For someone who happens to be running late more often then not, hats are on a regular […]

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Thigh High Boots (Part II)

Damn Lacie, back at it again with the thigh high boots. I want to wear these boots every day. They are show stoppers! Being SoCal based (where it’s sunny year round) won’t stop me from pretending it’s fall. If you’re lucky enough to actually be experiencing the changing of seasons where you live, you can easily pair this […]

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