Model Status (Bella Hadid Inspired Style)

Okay, okay- I know what you’re thinking: again with the Hadids’? I promise to find new places to draw inspiration from… but they’re just so fabulous. As you know, I’ve been obsessing over Bella Hadid’s closet for some time. She knows exactly what to wear without looking like she’s trying too hard. And that is an art … More Model Status (Bella Hadid Inspired Style)


Hello, California winter! I can’t believe this is my third year (escaping the actual cold of my hometown) in always sunny San Diego. Of course, I’ll be back in the south for the holidays, but I’ll be quietly dreading that later… Details on this outfit below! I recently purchased this bag for my trip to Vegas and … More Details


If you are anything like me, after watching the extravagant, glamorous, exotic, colorful, and lavishly wonderful (seriously I could do this all day) Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, you immediately look up all the models on various forms of social media. (… Nope, just me? Cool.) I have no shame in saying that I’ve spent a … More Cali

Date Night 

Now that’s class (lol)! I’m unbelievably in love with this dress. Obviously, dressing up is one of my favorite pass times, but this particular look is one of my favorites. When I was younger, I dreamt that I would be able to wear outfits like this to work every day and I still do. It … More Date Night 


I’m back!!! I’m sorry I had to take a little hiatus away from the blog. My sister came into town for my birthday in Vegas. We had an absolute blast (watch for Vegas Photo Diary), but I wanted to spend quality time with her. Midterms also got a little crazy. However, I’m so excited to be back … More Blushing

Comfy Chic

Some days comfort is key. In all honesty, that’s most days for me. However, I try my best to avoid my natural southern instinct of wearing nike shorts and an oversized t-shirt. I love a look that doesn’t necessarily scream she just rolled out of bed, but one that feels like pajamas to me (and that’s all … More Comfy Chic