Leather Pants (Part II)

Now, this is my version of ‘dressing up’ the leather pants. Throw on a blazer or coat and you’re ready for a night out. (P.S. How cute does Wallace look with this outfit? In love!)

If you ever find yourself staring into your closet the same way you would stare into an abyss, don’t fret because you’re not alone. Whenever this uncertainty strikes me and I’m completely unsure of what to wear or how to pair anything together, I go straight to making monochromatic outfits. Normally, the reason I’m having difficulties is because I’m putting too many elements into one outfit and making it busy. While sometimes that’s the exact thing I want to convey, other times simplifying is the way to go. For instance, with these leather pants, the simpler the better. They are already such a great statement piece that you don’t need much more. Pairing them with all black completed the ‘cool girl’ vibe I wanted from this outfit. Hopefully, this style tip can keep you from wasting time choosing an outfit in the future! – L

Photos: Corinne DeShon

ZARA – Pants

Fabrik – Top

ZARA – Booties

Kate Spade – Wallace (purse)

Fitbit Blaze – Watch

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