How cool is this outfit? It’s one of my favorites so far! I’m so in love with the vibe that it puts off. Whenever I’m feeling stressed out or down, my go to fix is putting on a killer outfit. Nothing boosts my mood (or confidence for that matter) better than putting on some heels and an exceptional look. What are your go to fixes? Leave a comment below!

Lately, I’ve been loving the lace up everything trend. It’s has such an edginess to it. However, if you feel that you can’t quite rock lace up pants with the full leather jacket and everything, try pairing it with feminine pieces like I did here. I chose a crew necked sweater in rose because it adds a girly feel and doesn’t show off too much skin. The pants are already such a statement piece that if you try too hard, you’ll just end up with too many elements. One thing I’ve learned is that each added statement only lessens the impact. Simplifying is what I have the most trouble with when putting together an outfit, but with a little patience and perseverance, you too create one killer outfit! – L

Photos: Kaylee Cooper

ZARA – Top

Forever 21 – Pants

GX by Gwen Stefani – Booties

DVF – Clutch

Choies – Sunglasses

Forever 21 – Choker

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