New Do







Bye bye ombre! I’m so happy with my new color! I’ve learned that having a good relationship with your stylist is very important. They are often hard to find. I know that I am lucky to have found Alyssa. When I first went to her years ago, she made a point to get to know me before ever touching my hair. She gets my high fashion personality and my need for low maintenance hair. She understands me. Granted, I’m probably one of Alyssa’s more go-with-the-flow clients and often times let her take the reins because I trust her not to let me leave the salon with ratchet hair (lol)! However, I always come in with some sort of idea, and she tells me if it’s going to work or not. She’ll show me her idea or give me options that she thinks I’ll like, and that’s how it should be. Honesty is an important part of our relationship, and I love that she’ll tell me how it is. Always, always have an open dialog with your hair stylist. I’m a very passive person, but I try to speak my mind when I’m paying for a service. I know too many girls who come home unhappy with their results. Speak up! If something is not turning out the way you want or imagined, say something. Your stylist would rather spend extra time fixing something, than to send you home unhappy. Thankfully I’ve found Alyssa who understands my personal style and expects me to come in every few months for something drastic. I’ve taken her hostage on my hair roller coaster (Next stop, short hair?). Anyways, thank you Alyssa for always letting me express myself through my hair! – L

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