Maintaining Healthy Hair

If you’ve known me for more than a year, chances are you’ve seen me with at least two totally different hair colors. I’m known to go on a whim and spend a couple hours at the salon on a slow day. My natural color is light brown, but I’ve had platinum, California blonde, ashy blonde (borderline grey), and even a pixie cut. Today I’m rocking the brunette ombre. I love how each cut and color completely transformed my wardrobe. For example, while platinum, I gravitated towards the more cutting edge pieces to go with my high fashion do. On the other hand, when I had my pixie, I opted for the more feminine hems and styles.

Dyeing your hair often (like I tend to do) completely changes the texture, volume and consistency.

Here are 4 ways I keep my hair healthy:

  1. HYDRATION: Hydration is key. I repeat, HYDRATE! Constant trips to the salon can leave your hair feeling brittle and dare I say, like a horses mane. Oils and hair masks should be in your weekly routine. I personally enjoy the smell of Argan Oil, and it leaves my hair silky soft (at a relatively inexpensive cost). If I’m going to wash my hair in the morning, I run a generous amount of Argan Oil through my strands the night before. My ends are the most damaged, so I focus on them. Then, I put my hair in two cowgirl braids for bed. No need to worry about having oily hair the next day because you’re washing it in the morning. I also use a dabble or two before styling with hot tools. Speaking of…
  2. Step Away from the Tools: Using hot tools are incredibly damaging to your hair. I believe in having a couple days a week where you let go of the blow dryer and let your hair dry naturally. It might not be the best hair day of your life, but trust me, your hair will thank you.The same goes with the straightener and the curling iron. However, if you can’t let go of a particular one, then compromise on the others. For example, if you know you want to straighten your hair, then skip the blow dryer. Also, consider in investing in sponge rollers or other DIY hacks to easily avoid the heat. They invented Youtube for other reasons than just funny cat videos.
  3. Embrace Your New Best Friend, Dry Shampoo: I want to personally thank the inventor of dry shampoo. You are one magnificent being to create such a life changing product. Anyways (lol!), washing your hair everyday rids it of its natural oils. Say hello to horse hair. Training your hair to last more than a day can be a hassle and is a long process. You never want to be known as the girl with greasy hair, but worry no longer. If you notice your roots getting greasy, spray a little dry shampoo. It’s an easy fix and now, your hair can last longer than one shampoo. I try to wash my hair every three days depending on my schedule.
  4. Reverse the Order: If you have hair on the fine side (like me), the new consistency after dyeing can be quite shocking. I over compensated by using too much conditioner which left my hair greasy and flat against my roots. A great tip I learned was to first condition your whole head, then shampoo just the top. It gets rid of the conditioner clumps that tend to weigh down your hair. Personally, hair has never been so voluminous!

Lastly, if you’re on the fence on whether or not to take the plunge of a new do, I say “risk it for the biscuit!” If your heart is set, then do it. Stop waiting around! Hair isn’t a permanent situation that you are stuck in. It will always grow out or have the capability to change back.  And with these tips, no matter if you dye it rainbow, your hair will be able to take it. Healthy hair makes your options unlimited! -L

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