Fresh Faced (5 Minute Late Day Makeup)

Running late in the mornings is the absolute worst. It starts your day off stressful because you don’t have time to do your routine things. For me, the first thing to go is doing my makeup which usually takes around 15 minutes. However, I strongly believe in the phrase- “look good, feel good.” Even when you don’t feel your best (or well rested), it doesn’t mean you can’t look like you’ve got it all together. Before I started doing these tips, I would walk by something reflective on one of my many occasional late days (hey, a girl’s got to sleep) and grab the nearest item to defend myself from the zombie apocalypse. Granted, the zombie hunting me was in fact, me. But now I’ve figured out the perfect less than 5 minute makeup that makes me look refreshed, awake, and ready to conquer the day when I’d rather be in  bed.

Here are a few tips to look like you’ve been up for hours, when you’ve only been up for 5 minutes.

  1. Concealer – Chances are you’re running late because you were up late the night before. Which together equal bags. Unfortunately the bags I’m talking about aren’t the Prada and Gucci ones you want, but the ones under your eyes. The first thing I grab is concealer when I only have 5 minutes to get ready. The dark circles under my eyes are already prominent. That means they’re three times as bad when I’m tired. However with a few swipes of concealer under your eyes, you instantly look rested.
  2. Mascara –  Mascara’s a great tool to help widen your eyes (hello, bright eyed and bushy tailed!). You don’t have to spend time doing extra coats. This isn’t the time try to be Katy Perry, but a few strokes through your lashes is a quick and easy way to look more awake. Don’t forget the bottom ones too!
  3. Pink Cheeks – There’s nothing more telling that you’re in need of sleep than a washed out face. Pink cheeks liven up your complexion and give you the right kind of glow. I stay away from powder blush when I don’t have time to do my whole foundation routine. It always ends up cakey. So grab a pink lipstick and dab a little on the apples of your cheeks. After blending, you will look full of color and less like and extra on The Walking Dead.
  4. Powder – A few brushes of powder is a good way to even out your skin tone and take away any redness. I get weird red blotches around my nose and on my forehead when I’m tired. With a brush of powder on any problem areas, your completion will look even, and it will set your concealer for the rest of the day. And that’s one thing you need to stay in place as the day goes on (that and a full cup of coffee in your hand).
  5. Lipstick – Lipstick is my favorite way to deceive others into thinking that I was up for hours on morning when I’m running late. I often get more compliments when I’m wearing only concealer and lipstick than when I spend 20 minutes perfecting a cat eye. It takes maximum of 90 seconds to throw on your favorite shade. It will not only brighten up your lips, but also your day (and that’s what’s most important!).

I hope these tips can help you have a little less stressful morning when you’re running late. Go conquer your day because now you look awake and ready! – L

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